1. Wow, i remember playing park football with this guy a few years back and now he’s in the Manchester United Academy!
    All i can say is good luck to the guy, i hope he makes it. We could do with a few new golden boys from the youth system.

  2. There used to be vids of Ravel on youtube and maybe the poster removed them but I think the club have been working on the kid. He missed a fair chunk of last season and returns a player who tracked back more then i’d seen before

    I think they’re trying to help him appriciate what he has. He’s a manc lad as someone said and we have a special group but Ravel SHOULD be part of that.

    The kids have breathed new life into me as a supporter. I hope they do us all proud.

  3. Since Ravel came back from his injury this season he was completely a differnt player for the better. Fave United player! He’s pure quality!

  4. The young midfield is being touted by United insiders as one for the future and Daily Telegraph football correspondent Henry Winter already rates him above Jack Rodwell and Arsenals Jack Wilshere. But what is it that they have seen in him?

  5. Morrison, Thorpe and Johnstone all have a good chance to make it, Morrison and Thorpe are mancs and Johnstone is from preston.

  6. That Ravel Morrisson’s a sick player. Hope he makes it. United could do with a fresh batch of Mancs/local lads!

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