A number of man of the match performances and amazing goals scored by Ravel Morrison made him a promising figure for Manchester United and England but things took a turn when he was admitted with 2 counts of witness intimidation and a number of more charges which ultimately lead him to the end of his career with Manchester in January of last year.

Sam Allardyce says Sir Alex Ferguson told him Morrison was ‘a brilliant footballer’ who ‘needs to get away from Manchester and start a new life’.

A brilliant player but with discipline problems has tampered with the possibility of creating an international career and playing with England although recent performances with West Ham and statements from players are suggesting that he can indeed be added into England’s under 21 once more.

His brilliant solo goal against Tottenham last month, which saw him picking up the ball in midfield then dribbling past Spurs defenders before dinking in a finish, summed up how deadly and effective the combination of those qualities can be.

The West Ham man is also accumulating experience at a rapid rate. If he stays injury free and keeps his form up it may be the change he needs to be regarded as one of the most promising youngsters in the world.

Morrison played with Birmingham City on a loan deal and the coach spoke about what it was to have him in the team.

‘I didn’t go into it with my eyes closed,’ said Clark, ‘I knew there were issues there, some of Ravel’s own making and some not of his choice.

‘I gave him advice on a daily basis when I thought he wasn’t behaving in the right way. If you’re a talented footballer playing at the highest level all the rewards come with that, financial and performance wise.

The only thing stopping Morrison from being a legendary player is himself and he has nothing but time to accomplish that task.