1. he was playing like rooney last night.he was almost everywhere.we deserved
    something but then again City was clinical in their finishing.

  2. Im so angry he left…. not angry at him as he did what was best for his
    career, but at Manchester United for not seeing talent when they have it
    and letting yet again a brilliant center midfielder leave because of no
    given opportunities…

  3. I wonder who’s tinier, him or Paul Scholes? Nevertheless, he didn’t lose
    the ball, just like Scholes, which is more important than body size.

  4. will become a decent player not sure if the top quality and make it at
    united but.. I would give him a chance even hes not 18. deserves a loan
    move for gods sake

  5. Why the F did we let him go?? especially when we are in dire need of a
    player in his sort of position. i haven’t really watched him much, but from
    what i’ve heard he was something special.

  6. The 3 players in our Reserve Team that DESERVE a change in the first team
    are, David Pertucii, Larnell Cole, and Jesse Lingard!

  7. Already better than cleverly, this is why its som important to stay in
    domestic competitions, so players like him can get a brief run around in
    the first team.

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