Morrison Under Investigation

West Ham United’s Ravel Morrison is currently being investigated and has been going through a series of court cases after he was accused of threatening his ex-girlfriend on murder as well as her mother.

The 21 year old player of West Ham pledged not guilty to all of the charges that were launched at him and now a provisional trial date has been set to take place on January 26. The judge that is taking care of these series of cases is David Stockdale and he decided to bail Morrison on the condition that he does not have any type of contact with his ex-girlfriend or her mother.

Morrison has also been banned and cannot enter Greater Manchester except for the moments when he has to appear for the scheduled court dates or any official match of his club for West Ham United but after the match is played, he has to return to London immediately.

This is not the first time that the English midfielder has been faced with legal problems as he has already been arrested in the past as well as going to prison in some occasions previously.

Despite these continuing sequences of incidents and scheduled appointments in court, Morrison is allowed to train with his team of West Ham United and has already been featured for a few minutes in the Premier League as he made an appearance during West Ham’s match against Southampton by coming into the pitch as a substitute player.

Morrison began his career by performing in the youth academy of Manchester United before being signed by West Ham United at the age of 19 and a transfer fee that was never officially revealed to the public. Ever since Morrison joined West Ham, he has been released to a number of clubs including: Birmingham City and more recently Queens Park Rangers all on loan deals.