1. Kakuta was supposed to be amazing, yet so far when he’s played this season, he’s looked so unhappy at Chelsea and lack of effort by him.

  2. Very impressed have some great footballers. Lots of potential on these two teams.

  3. @jikkh2x u kidding right when was the last time u saw a player dribble right through 4 players? the guy was totally sorounded and still came out with the ball, even got a decent shot at the end of it. it WAS THAT GOOD, i bet u cant even come close to that, i suggest u watch it again for clarity

  4. @joshua9tailfox yeah thers gonna be a full house on a youth game…. and u do u play soceer do u have full houses?????

  5. thats one thing utd have done better than any of the big four while Sir alex has been there and thats producing young talent,ok so some of them may not forge lasting succesful careers at old trafford but they go on to other clubs and do well. and i know from one of my mates who plays for the under 16’s that ferguson tells those that dont make it to go and prove him wrong! heres a list some martin, ebanks-blake,wellbeck,jones,david healy, greening,higginbottom,rossi,pique, the list goes on

  6. 4:28 lol the commentator couldnt possibly be a chelsea fan eh. He nutmegged a player, it wasnt that good

  7. @cfcsteve86 FA youth Cup games have to be played at the ground where the first team play their matches at. FA rules required for entry to the competition.

  8. Also, the difference is Macheda, Welbeck, have proved theyre quality in the first team. Your reserve players have done shit all.

  9. I went to school with Danny Philiskirk. He’s always been a mint footballer he’d put screamers past me from a good distance. can’t wait to see him on the Chelsea team one day

  10. Nice run from Kakuta! I’m surprised that Old Trafford was hosting a reserve game. Good venue for us to beat them at.

  11. nouble is he the lad whos at west ham know? kakuta is sick seen him play for reserves a few times

  12. @joshua9tailfox

    There are fans there, but they are all in the stand behind the camera. Not going to get a full house for a youth cup match

  13. Morrison was showing off there LOL

    He would have done that in the premiership thats for sure!

  14. Stoch yes. Kakuta yes. Borini not sure! Maybe he will be just not as good as the latter! Or versatile should i say..

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