Ravel Morrison

Donovan has hinted out the possibility of owning a MLS team

It’s been over 7 months since Landon Donovan announced his retirement and stepped down from playing football at a competitive stage. The retire American has been spending his time travelling as he visited India, the Maldives and Peru.

In a recent interview, Donovan revealed that he does not have desire on making a return to the playing grounds but there are a few aspects of his former life that Donovan does indeed miss.

“I miss the game days. When I’m here in the stadium on game days, I miss that. I don’t miss the travel, I don’t miss the hot summer training sessions, I don’t miss having to take care of yourself 24-7, but the game days, the energy in the stadium, I certainly miss. I think that part is the part you can’t get back anywhere else.”

Landon Donovan continued on saying that he still continues watching matches of LA Galaxy and has attended some of their games by going to the stadium but there are moments when Donovan feels like he can help out his former team and would like to get into the pitch and help them out.

One of the dreams that Donovan has stated on numerous occasions is to turn into a coach as he wants to be the coach of the American national side but another one of things that Donovan wants to accomplish is to be the owner of a sports team.

“I have always had a dream to be an owner of a sports team, and hopefully an MLS team. If that opportunity presents itself, or something as a high-level executive, that’s something I would certainly look at seriously.” Landon Donovan added on.

In the near future Donovan might become the owner of a MLS club as he still has a desire to stay in the world of football. During the 2014 World Cup, Donovan worked as an analyst fr ESPN and the retired player enjoyed that work so much that he expressed an ambition to start a job as a broadcaster or anything of that nature.

The dreams and ambitions of Landon Donovan continue to grow as he keeps on voicing his desire to do more things and all of them are related to football, there is no doubt that this truly is his passion.