Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison Manchester united youth player Skills and Best Moments

More Objectives Here soccertvlive.blogspot.com Ravel Morrison Manchester united youth player Expertise and Finest Moments Ravel Morrison Manchester united Intended greatest youngster in Europe. Ravel Morrison has been handed shirt number 49 ahead of Manchester. Ravel Morrison, Davide Petrucci and Paul Pogba all portion of Manchester United – Under 21 players (Premier League squad) Outstanding. Ravel Morrison is a supremely gifted expertise a skilful, creative midfielder capable of scoring and producing targets. He can play in vast positions, in the centre of the park, or just behind the major striker. The Wythenshawe youngster makes use of his skill and exclusive style of play to draw opponents before easing previous them.
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  1. @iradasinovic
    every club have flops. that is ineligible in modern football. But why are you calling Bebe and Obertan flops? They very young ( 21 and 22 ) ? Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Veron were flops. BIg ones. I wouldnt call Forlan flop. He had issue with SAF and he was sold.. We had many many flops, but how much world class players we produced ? Yea, I didnt mention Evra and Vidic cuz i was reffering to @MHanley81’s comment.

  2. @vanjagl But then look at this- for every Nani or Valencia comes a Bebe and Obertan and for all the good CM’s you have (Scholes and Fletcher) you have money flops like Kléberson, Carrick. Other flops in recent years include Djemba-Djemba, Veron, Forlán and until this season, people were doubting Berbatov and claiming he was shit.
    How you haven’t included Vidic or Evra on the list is beyond me – two of SAF’s best signings, maybe best signings of the BPL – Coming from a Chelsea fan btw.

  3. @richardhead21 , the monkey is shagging your little sister everynight , and you want to know what the bitch loves it

  4. This monkey got off lightly. He should be behind bars. Alas, there is one rule for the Platyrrhini and another for man..

  5. @vanjagl Coming from a United fan this. We did spend between 92-96. And still broke record British transfer after record British transfer… The fees don’t look like much now, but back then… 😛 Still, it took a great manager and a lot of good, young talent to get us where we are now. 🙂

  6. sort yourself out ravel,you have a chance in life many of us can only dream of,your mates wont give two fucks about you if your career goes down the drain.

  7. @MHanley81 So you mean United spent all those money for the 1992 season? Can you name some of the players signed to get back on top?!! Show me “great deal of money” put into the transfer market to get back on the top. You have the list there, now compare that to chelsea’s list and man city’s list! Then you may, just may realize that Sir Alex spends far more less on new players. FFS, manchester united fans have been wanting to see him sign one big named player. Now why is that?

  8. @MHanley81

    out of all them players you listed there van nistolrooy was signed in 2001 and berbatov in 2008. that’s over 7years, i reckon city in the last 3years have spend more than that.

  9. @MHanley81
    Sigh, United spend all than money over 20 years. And look
    Nani – class
    Valencia – class
    Van Nistelrooy – class
    Ferdinand – class
    Rooney – class
    Berbatov – class.
    We didnt have lot of money in period from 92 to 96 and we still won silverware.Why ? Because we had best possible manager and bunch of talents ( giggs, scholes, beckam, neville x2, keane etc.. ) from our academy. Please, get things sorted before posting 😉

  10. Hes quite obviously supremly talented, but everything i read about him as a person is very negative. I don’t even think he deserves to be a professional Footballer sounds like a nasty piece of work to me.

  11. Nani and Anderson for the price of milner!

    ( Fucking bargin if u ask me!)

  12. Thing is, we spend over years, while city overpay WAY over a players value just to outbid others, and doing this to 5-6 players in the same window. Now, how on earth can Y. Toure live up to his salary? And Dzeko? Is he worth what they paid for him? They ruin players careers. Many come, wanting to make an influence, but end up leaving city after spending the time there on the bench.

  13. @laakhey Nani was signed for 13.75 mil, Anderson for 15 mil, Valencia for 16 mil, Hargreaves for 17 mil, Carrick for 18.6 mil, Van Nistelorooy for 19 mil, Rooney for 27 mil, Ferdinand for 27.5 mil, Veron for 28.1 mil, Berbatov for 30.7 mil.

    Before 1992 united hadn’t won any silverware since 1967. In order to get back on top they put a great deal of money into the transfer market and 18 years later they still do the same thing. Don’t let city’s inflation rates fool you, United spends a lot.

  14. @som82 you need to name some big money signings by manchester united apart from Berbatov!

  15. @northentv23 Sir Alex doesnt spend big money on big names? Have you been living under a rock for the last 20 years? I’ve read some rubbish on youtube but your comment takes some beating.

  16. @northentv23 indeed, atm pogba,ryan,ravel,king,keane an davide (if he stays fit,hopefully he will) look very good prospects.

    would like to see ravel get a game tomorrow if not him then surely king he’s been on fire for the reserves.

  17. Now you see why Sir Alex doesn’t spend big money on big names! When you got talent like this lad you know the future is fantastic at Man United!

  18. @tyuerty yes i have!! for man u and england!! he is very good!! i do rate him, but i think stirling and suso are better, it’s just my opinion! you might think he’s better that’s your opinion!

  19. @zeeman1080 Have you actually watched him play or are you basing you opinion on youtube clips?

  20. stirling and suso for liverpool are way better than him!!! but he is good as well

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