1. @ciaran o’connell So you are judging a manager by saying he only thinks
    short term……but then you say the same managers track record means
    nothing. The current midfield is poor but thats a totally different issue.
    Im just astounded at the fact you can call someone who rebuilt multiple
    teams as short term….amazing.

  2. History means nothing. Are you happy with Utd’s current midfield? Moyes
    inherited it from Ferguson. I don’t know what else to say.

  3. I’m a united fan, I didn’t think much of fellaini when he was at everton
    and think even less now, waste of money. Hopefully Januzaj will bring
    something and sooner Jessie Lingard’s back the better, I saw them in 2 u21
    matches last season and the pair of them aswell as Larnell Cole were superb

  4. @Ciaran o’connell Are you actually being serious?!?! Ferguson who was
    appointed in 1986 a few weeks after I was born, who has rebuilt over 10
    teams, won everything there is to win, over 28 years, is short sighted.
    Which part of TWENTY EIGHT years is short sighted to your pathetic brain.
    You make arsenal fans sound thick!

  5. While I think Scholes is a great player, Ferguson really was short-sighted.
    He went for the short term option which is badly hurting Manchester United
    in the long run. The long run now having caught them up. The midfield
    situation is now horrendous. A combination of rapidly ageing players who
    were good enough & those who are left, are basically passengers not good
    enough for United. To waste someone of Pogba’s talent is something Ferguson
    can be hugely criticised over. An Arsenal fan.

  6. the man is gone and took the premier league with him — with love from a
    bolton fan………………never repeated

  7. Stop stalking me dude.Moyes should have ‘bought’ another referee instead of
    Fellaini,but hey haven’t they ‘bought’ all the referees Howard the Coward
    Webb,Halsey,etc..?9>1 dude.Amen.

  8. Do you get paid to dislike everything to do with Man United? What’s this
    9>1 Amen thing lol? I’m just curious.

  9. lmao who gives a fuck about leeds. WE ALL HATE LEEDS SCUM. didnt you just
    miss out on promotion you racist chav club cunts? UNITED! UNITED! UNITED!

  10. Just because famous footballers say something about someone doesn’t make it
    indefinitely true. Say what you will, I’ve never seen someone contribute to
    games in such a fragmented way, yet get so frequently compared to greats
    like Zidane. He could strike a ball, was very accurate with his passing
    (i’ll give him that one) but didn’t grab games by the scruff and dominate
    the opposition. Ooh, and he couldn’t tackle for shit.

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