Ravel Morrison

Ravel Morrison Used Twitter to Show Unhappiness

Ravel Morrison the midfielder footballer who is known for his powerful performances has many personal issues all through this year in his football career. He once amazed the football fraternity showing his amazing performances and for that, he was recognized as the best youngster Sir Alex Ferguson had ever seen, but then some attitude issues brought some problems for this young sportsman that saw his career going out of control.

Now, he seems not happy with his present situation. Many of his comments on social media reflect this mindset of his. He has faced a fall in position in recent times that have affected his mindset. On his Twitter account, the player commented recently and his comment hints that he is not very happy with his present situation also. His tweets show that despite having the prowess to play incredible football that has come to him naturally, he is not very happy about his life as a footballer.

The tweet of Ravel Morrison comes from R Kelly’s saying ‘I Wish’, and going aside from the truth that tweet the lyrics of R Kelly in 2019 is a kind of personal for reasons that we really do not want to go into. But, it is really a matter of concern, that Morrison sent this message to social media at this point in time.

The people in the field are taking this too seriously because of the reason that people normally tweet the lyrics of the song that indicate how they are feeling in life. They use the song as a medium to express their true desire. Hope, what people have perceived from his messages on twitter goes wrong and Morrison figures out how to deal with his current situation and remain cool and calm in his football game.